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Legislative Update

Scope of Practice Language Refinement – Assembly Bill A01880 has been introduced by primary sponsor Gary Pretlow. Pretlow is circulating requests for additional sponsors with concentration on members of the Committee on Higher Education, to which the bill has been referred.

On the Senate side, primary sponsor David Valesky is circulating the proposed bill with a sponsorship request to an extended list of those who have previously supported the bill, those who have previously sponsored the bill and to members of the Higher Education Committee. We are concentrating additional efforts on the Republican and Independent Democratic Conference members.  

Business Law – Senate Bill S4125 has been introduced by primary sponsor Kenneth LaValle, Chair of the Senate Committee on Higher Education. Assembly Bill A01943 has been introduced by primary sponsor Assembly member Crystal People-Stokes, a member of the Committee on Higher Education.

Medical Marijuana Certification Michael Borden, Executive Director, met with staff representatives from the offices of Assembly member Richard Gottfried and Senator Diane Savino, both primary sponsors of the recently-approved medical marijuana bill. Borden discussed the expansion of eligible medical provider certification to include podiatrists, who routinely see patients with chronic pain and neuropathy – both of which are qualifying conditions for treatment with medicinal cannabis. Less than one percent of eligible providers have registered with DOH to certify patients for medical use. DOH has expressed an interest in expanding the registration.