VIP Legal Benefits

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The Legal Benefits Plan affords you coverage for the following:

  • Claims For Reimbursement by an HMO or Insurance
  • Claims For Reimbursement by New York State or Federal Regulatory Agencies (Including Medicare and Medicaid).
  • Administrative Proceedings and Investigations before the New York State Education Department, Office of Professional Discipline.
  • Protection for HIPAA and OSHA complaints and Workers' Compensation administration
  • Investigations and proceedings by the OCR (Office of Civil Rights).
  • Identity theft
  • New York State Sales Tax
  • New York State Department of Labor Employee Classification
  • Defense of allegations of discrimination before The New York State Division of Human Rights. [new benefit]
  • Defense of allegations of discrimination before The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. [new benefit]
  • Interactive Online Sexual Harassment Training for LBP members and their staff offered digitally [new benefit]

2022 Application Materials

2022-2023 Early Enrollment Benefits: Re-Enroll Early for These Extra Benefits

  1. One-hour consultation with Feldman Kieffer LLP on legal matters related to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  2. Forms including an updated Business Associate Agreement and Notice of Privacy Practices for
    HIPAA compliance purposes.
  3. Updated written sexual harassment policy and training guidelines to comply with NY’s new
    mandatory requirements for all employers.
  4. Access to legal counsel every single day.

Terms and Conditions

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