VIP Legal Benefits

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The Legal Benefits Plan affords you coverage for the following:

  • Claims For Reimbursement by an HMO or Insurance
  • Claims For Reimbursement by New York State or Federal Regulatory Agencies (Including Medicare and Medicaid).
  • Administrative Proceedings and Investigations before the New York State Education Department, Office of Professional Discipline.
  • Protection for HIPAA and OSHA complaints and Workers' Compensation administration
  • Investigations and proceedings by the OCR (Office of Civil Rights).
  • Identity theft
  • New York State Sales Tax
  • New York State Department of Labor Employee Classification
  • Defense of allegations of discrimination before The New York State Division of Human Rights. [new benefit]
  • Defense of allegations of discrimination before The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. [new benefit]
  • Interactive Online Sexual Harassment Training for LBP members and their staff offered digitally [new benefit]

Registration for 2024-2025 Benefits Will Begin in August 2024.