Podiatric Radiography Certificate Program
for Unlicensed Individuals 

9:00am – 5:00pm

Registration is open. Please email Sonia Lunn at slunn@nyspma.org for an application. 

Please read full course information below. 

This 8-hour, practice enhancing course is designed to teach participants how to perform a podiatric radiology examination. Presented by New York College of Podiatric Medicine faculty, the class is a full-day hands-on workshop leading to a certificate in radiology. Emphasis will be placed on performing an accurate exam in a manner which is safe for both the patient and the examiner. Basic radiology principles will be reviewed with a special concentration on practical application. At the end of course, upon proving competency, the participant will be certified to take podiatric radiographs under the supervision of a licensed podiatrist in NY State and will receive an official certificate from NYSPMA.

Registration for this course is not yet open. Late or onsite  registrations will NOT be accepted. Please note - registrations must be submitted in entirety (not in piecemeal) and cannot be accepted if all components are not included. Complete registration include a registration form, payment, application, high school diploma or equivalent, and letter of character from employer. Complete registrations should be faxed, mailed, or scanned and emailed to the attention of Sonia Lunn at slunn@nyspma.org. Confirmation of enrollment emails will be sent to those enrolled in the course. If submitted a complete application but do not receive an enrollment confirmation, please contact Sonia Lunn.