Residency Forum - Complications Seminar

Saturday, 1/20/18 8am - 3pm

Manhattan Ballroom, 8th Floor





8:00am - 8:20am

Extensive Cold Induced Injury of Bilateral Lower Extremities and Subsequent Limb Salvage

NYU Langone Medical Center


Michael Huchital, DPM
Jason Kim, DPM

8:20am - 8:40am

Revisional Ankle Fusion in the Setting of Complex Pain Management Lenox Hill Hospital
J. Adrian Wright, DPM
Hariklia Bezhani, DPM

8:40am - 9:00am

Failure to Address Rearfoot Varus During Ankle Fusion New York Presbyterian - Queens Andrew Ott, DPM  

9:00am - 9:20am

Complications Following Arthroscopy in an Undiagnosed Hemophiliac St. Barnabas Hospital
Alfred Kwon, DPM
Joseph Berkovic, DPM
Usman Akram, DPM

9:20am - 9:40am

Recurrence of Benign, Locally Aggressive Foot Masses New York Community Hospital
Azza Alalwee, DPM
Yanine Velasquez, DPM

9:40am - 10:00am

Hardware Maintenance in Postoperative Surgical Site Infections
Long Island Jewish - Forest Hills
Caroline Fruge, DPM
Loyd Tomlinson, DPM



10:00am - 10:30am


10:30am - 10:50am

Management of GSW With Complex Comminuted Fracture  Montefiore - Mt. Vernon Hospital
Dae Lee, DPM
Nidhi Nayyar, DPM

10:50am - 11:10am

Dislocated & Contaminated Capital Fragment During Austin Bunionectomy SUNY Downstate  Adam Falivene, DPM  

11:10am - 11:30am

Seymour Fracture of Toe Montefiore Medical Center Rashad K. Shelton, DPM  

11:30am - 11:50am

Renal Osteodystrophy Wyckoff Heights Medical Center TBA  

11:50am - 12:10pm

Diabetic Foot Ulceration in Non-Compliant 40 Year-Old Male with Schizoaffective Disorder and Compulsive Tendency South Nassau Communities Hospital  Jillian Irwin, DPM

12:10pm - 1:30pm


1:30pm - 1:50pm

Complications of An Open Ankle Fracture Hoboken University Medical Center Machli Adrien, DPM  

1:50pm - 2:10pm

Linear IgA Secondary to Vancomycin Administration Richmond University Medical Center Brent Larson, DPM

2:10pm - 2:30pm

Complication Status Post Charcot Foot Reconstruction Coney Island Hospital TBA

2:30pm - 2:50pm

Varus Hindfoot & Equinus Deformities After Ankle & Subtalar Joint Arthrodeses Health Alliance of the Hudson Valley
Amanda K. Maloney, DPM
Sergio Salazar, DPM
Stephen Dunham, DPM

2:50pm - 3:00pm