Young Member's Institute Residency Forum 


The Foundation for Podiatric Medicine with The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons Northeast Region is pleased to announce that we will be hosting a Complications Seminar from 8am-3pm on Saturday, January 25th as part of the 2020 New York Clinical Conference. Our residency programming at our Clinical Conferences has been greeted with tremendous enthusiasm and serves as an opportunity to highlight the great training our residents receive.

Take part in this annual interactive program as local residency programs present their complications and how they are treated. Plus, take advantage of the opportunity to give programs your insight on how to resolve their complications.

Residents from the Tri-State area are invited to present on any type of complication from surgical, medical or diagnostic issues. Open discussion and questions will be encouraged. The audience may also bring complications that can be discussed as a group for treatment consensus or opinions.

Residency Directors and/or Assistant Directors are encouraged to attend and participate.

Ground Rules:

  1. Residents may present a case complication via PowerPoint in one of three topics: Surgical, Medical, or Diagnostic
  2. Each residency program is limited to ONE case presentation, limited to 8 MINUTES
  3. A diagnostic dilemma should be identified in each case. We will then have an interactive discussion for 5 MINUTES led by the ACFAS Regional Board Members.
  4. Cases with some follow-up are encouraged, as they will foster a richer discussion.

Proposals should include the title of your presentation, name of resident presenting, and name of residency program. PROPOSALS FOR PRESENTATIONS SHOULD BE SENT TO NO later than Monday, November 25, 2019. Attendees are eligible to earn CME credits for attending this event.

All attendees of the Complications Seminar must register for NY20. Only those presenting will be registered by The Foundation for Podiatric Medicine. The Seminar will be open to all conference attendees, with a special invitation extended to current students.  A Young Member’s Institute lecture will be held directly after the Complications Seminar.

Please email Dr. Robert Fridman, DPM at with any questions.