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Public & Population Health Task Force Update

At the 2016 House of Delegates, the delegation approved the funding and formation of a Public and Population Health Task Force. This task force has been charged with investigating the New York State prevention agenda and the New York State Health Innovation Plan to determine where podiatric care can participate in achieving NYS population health goals.

As part of that initiative, we have hired Navigant Healthcare Consulting to create a white paper outlining areas of opportunity for podiatry to participate in population and public health initiatives and to create a road map for advocacy efforts to advance our insurance, public relations and legislative agendas. 

Navigant Director Hanford Lin and his staff have been meeting with the Task Force weekly to update it on its progress toward developing the white paper for presentation at the 2017 House of Delegates. Lin and staff were at the Clinical Conference conducting interviews and sitting in on select presentations regarding the changing landscape of public health. They also provided a report to the Board of Trustees on current progress and future timelines.

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